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His powerful shot will help him establish himself in the NHL

His powerful shot will help him establish himself in the NHL

Emil Heinemann is not one of the much-talked-about Canadian hopes these days. However, expect great things from him in the coming seasons. He may not be as dominant with the Canadiens in October, but he could become a cornerstone for the Rockets next season.

In fact, what will help him is his powerful shot. This is what allowed him to shine once he arrived in Laval at the end of March.

The Swedish forward has found the net seven times in seven matches on his debut for Laval.

Acquired in a deal to send Tyler Toffoli to the Flames, he is one of the rare European players who has managed to do better on North American ice than on the international circuit. He recently confided to TVA Sports’ Anthony Martino about this.

Yes, Heinemann is confident of his ability to shoot, but the Rocket coaches have told him that’s what they like about him. His coaches told him they liked the fact that he took a lot of shots into the net.

This is not crazy. The more shots you make, the higher your chance of scoring a goal. The tactic has worked very well, based on his seven goals in his first seven games in the AHL.

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And according to Anthony Marcotte, who has covered the Rocket since the start of the series, he is the best shot, along with Cole Cofield who passed to Laval.

This is where we see the advantage of smaller ice cream for Heineman. Since the playing area is smaller, he finds himself in the scoring position more often. In fact, on the North American circuit, it’s almost possible to score from anywhere in the opponent’s area (except perhaps from behind the net, but there’s always Fake Michigan’s trick to that).

Heinemann is smart. He understands this concept and shoots often. And it pays off!

I remember Jespery Kotkaniemi’s beginnings with the Canadian. I watched him go and said to myself he had a lot of chances to score, but he didn’t have enough confidence in his shots. Heineminan has this confidence, which allows him to stand out.

He stands out to such an extent that his Rocket head coach, Jean-François Holly, believes he can become an important player for the Canadiens in the future and his potential is very high.

At 21 years old, Emil Heinemann still has a lot to prove, but he’s on the right track. The Canadian already has an excellent sniper in Cole Cofield, but having another sniper in the lineup certainly wouldn’t hurt.

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