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Interviews are not expected until 2022

Interviews are not expected until 2022

The topic of Al-Kindi’s next CEO is still spilling a lot of ink. After all, we’re all curious as to who will have the opportunity to land the job and work with/with Jeff Gorton to revive CH.

What we already knew was that no CEO should be chosen before Christmas. The Canadian will take his time to find the right candidate. Until then, Gorton serves as CEO.

But as far as we can read on TVA Sports, it could be longer than that.

Questionné à ce sujet-là en marge de la rencontre des gouverneurs, Geoff Molson a affirmé être en train de rédiger une liste préliminaire de candidats – qui sera révisée par le comité en charge d’engager le DG pro – process et commence ra que in January.”

What that means is that Molson, Gorton, Bob Jenny, and Michael Andlauer likely won’t be in the process by the end of the holiday season. From there, one would think that several weeks would be necessary before someone was formally offered the job.

What does this mean for the next GM?

The way I see it is that GM (or GM) will have very little time to rate his club. After all, in February there is an Olympic break and the deadline for the deal is March.

If Gorton and Francophone GM want to decide on rebuilding (a concept that Jeff Molson could agree to), GM will have little time to line up for the deal deadline.

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Because of timetable, It makes sense to believe that Gorton will decide much more than his GM on which direction to take and that the GM in question will have a little more freedom this summer, after a few months in town. little more.

Yes, this is the Gorton Club, for those who still doubt it. The CEO will have an important role, but maybe not from the start.

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– No surprise to Kaiden Guhle.

– However, it’s less certain for Joshua Roy.

– Fabulous!

– For those who were wondering.

– It’s brewing in Vancouver.

Jonathan Bernier does not smell good.