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Here's Why We're Less Productive When the Weather Is Nice, According to Science...

Here’s Why We’re Less Productive When the Weather Is Nice, According to Science…

Yes, there are days like these when the sun doesn’t mix with work.

The sun is back, the sky is blue, the birds are chirping, the perfect weather for not being in the office, isn’t it? The problem is that we need a minimum of money to live and have money, we have to work! Don’t panic, first of all, know that you’re not alone in feeling frustrated or even tired from work when the weather is nice, here’s the scientific reason for it!

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How does the sun affect our productivity?

Our spirit directly associates sunny days with vacations, the beach and the barbecue. And when the weather is nice, our thoughts automatically fill up with ideas for activities we can do outside the walls of our home. Office. As a result, our level of productivity collapses. This is what studying Captivate network Mention that productivity at work decreases by 20% during the summer months while distraction increases by 45%.

What are the solutions to avoid succumbing to procrastination at work?

Relax the dress code during the summer months

Relaxing the dress code during the summer months can be an easy way to keep employees comfortable and increase their efficiency. In fact, in a survey conducted by Andrews Sykes, it was revealed that 50% of people forced by a dress code at work felt uncomfortable in the summer and would be less productive.

Shortening the working day

a studyopinion research institute I found that reducing summer working hours increased productivity. Whether it is allowing employees to go home early or giving them the opportunity to do so Remotely It can be a great way to keep employees motivated and productive.

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