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In turn, Thomas Bisquet adopts a point

In turn, Thomas Bisquet adopts a point

What’s in a Thomas Baskett bag? A virtual reality headset for cycling in Paris, edible gingerbread wrappers, a 200-track playlist, ultrasonic sonic knobs, amaranth seeds, meals cooked by distinguished chefs… The raccoons are in this Prevert-style stock, but four points.

“Four what?”It will suffocate those who have never heard of this single-celled organism of the myxomycete family, a scientific curiosity that has an intelligence even more remarkable because it has neither a brain nor neurons.

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It aims to be the subject of experiments in zero gravity, and its journey into space – which won’t actually begin until August, after being transported to the International Space Station (ISS) inside a pressurized container. – It all has a devotion to that kind of sticky side with remarkable behavioral complexity.

This is also the case for all those who raise, collect and trade blobs as a hobby. This phenomenon has neither the size of a tamagotchi, the virtual pet created by a Japanese toy maker in the mid-1990s, nor that of the Mexican pea it provided. Puff GagdetTwenty-five years ago, but it stems from the same attraction to and domestication of exotic creatures.

Bought on Le Bon Coin

Not an animal, not a plant, not even a mushroom, in fact it is an unparalleled creature, endowed with unique abilities to learn and regenerate. Cut it in half and it will heal in less than three minutes. Make it more homogeneous, and the two people will merge into the same block. Put him at the entrance to the maze, and he will find by himself the shortest path to the exit where the oatmeal, his favorite food, has been placed.

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Place it in the middle of several foods scattered in a Petri dish (small cylinders, glass or plastic, used to grow bacteria, for example) and it will unfold like a rail network in order to get from one to the other efficiently. Just lacks the word. “or return the ball”One of those amateur “bulleters” laughs, as Stefan Gusso, 43, laughs.

This operator of an agri-food company in Concarneau (Finistere) got his first sample on Le Bon Coin, in October 2020, after he found an ad classified in the “animals” category. “It remains a useful pastime based mainly on observation, as with the terrarium, He explains. It requires a certain rigor, without taking much time if you are organized. He is present every day, but remains discreet in everyday and family life. “ Stéphane Josso now owns eight points purchased online. Finding it in nature, for example on dead wood or rotting fruit, is not impossible, but luck.

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