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Montauban. The new play area in Port Canal

A tree climbing course was conducted at the new play area in Port Canal, in Montauban.

© Grand Montauban conglomerate community.

Location port channelMontauban River Harbor is a recreation area in the process of being transformed. The goal of the Grand Montauban urban community is “to offer several complementary uses in order to create a true space for recreation, games and sports, while promoting biodiversity and plant life, as well as accessibility. In soft settings.”

24,000 euros for the accrobranche de Port Canal

With this in mind, a playground was created by the companies Kompan and So Paysage on the theme of tree climbing. “This area, made up of a set of wooden units one meter high on soft ground, constitutes a true adventure path with free entry for children from 3 to 12 years old”, for a labor cost that will rise to 24,000 euros.
In addition to climbing trees, the audience will find pirate ships, walkways and swings on the playground, the use of which remains the responsibility of the parents. For everyone’s safety, this space will eventually be fenced off.
Complementing this installation is this “a charming place that is located a stone’s throw from the city center and offers a wide range of possibilities to relax and enjoy the pleasures of the water”, welcoming the agglomeration community of Grand Montauban.

Source: press release

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