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He’ll drink on ice […] Buy your popcorn!  “

He’ll drink on ice […] Buy your popcorn! “

“He never answers for his actions. I don’t know what his problem is. He targets opposing players’ knees throughout the game. Yes, he plays tough, I’ll give him that, but at some point you have to be able to prove you can react.

These comments are from Arber Xhekaj. It was released Thursday night after the Panthers-Canadians game and directly targeted defenseman Radko Gudas, who took several questionable shots during the game, without agreeing to respond for his actions.

One of those questionable gestures was directed at Kirby Dash.

During a sequence where he was playing shorthand, Judas came to the blue CH line. Instead of dismissing the puck in the bottom area, he fired a fierce shot directly into the foot of No. 77 CH, which he certainly aimed for.

“He’s starting to get on everyone’s nerves,” Renaud Lavoie said Friday night during the GC show.

“Also because of that sequence, Dash wasn’t in training today. I spoke to several guys in the morning and they all told me it was voluntary, that this isn’t the game I should be playing. It’s an attempted injury! And Dash is injured.”

Then our informant went out there with a statement that was likely to cause a reaction.

The next match between the two teams will be in March and I guarantee you Judas will receive visitors. It will be brewed on ice. Buy your popcorn! Xhekaj told me this morning after training that this story is not over…”

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