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Guy LaFleur's funeral minute by minute

Guy LaFleur’s funeral minute by minute

Quebecers have their eyes set on the Basilica Marie-Rhin du Monde in Montreal for the national funeral of Guy Lafleur.

Many high-profile personalities, politicians, current and retired hockey players will attend to honor the “Blonde Devil”.

The ceremony, presided over by the Archbishop of Montreal, Monsignor Christian Lepin, will begin at 11 am. Also participating in the celebration is the Archbishop of Quebec, Cardinal Gerald Ciprien Lacroix.

The public will be able to attend the event on two large screens installed in the outer court in front of the cathedral. Only 120 guests will be accepted inside the church for the ceremony.

Follow our special show hosted by Sophie Thibault and Félix Séguin.

This is the theme of the events:

10:52 am | young man! young man! young man! | A large crowd welcomes the coffin of Guy LaFleur

10:30 am | Funeral procession leaves Belle Center for the cathedral Marie-Rhin du Monde

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10:27 am | “He is the best hockey player in the world. He totally deserves a state funeral. He gave us moments of happiness. […] He did not have a wooden tongue. He said what he thought was true. “Everyone loved him because he was a real man,” Prime Minister Francois Legault said when he arrived for the “Blonde Devil” funeral.

10:21 AM | Several politicians, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, arrived at Guy LaFleur’s funeral

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10:14 am | Interview with Canadian former player and general manager Serge Savard.

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10:02 am | Jeff Molson said a special tribute will be given to Jay LaFleur at the Bell Center.

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9:55 am | Among the guests who will attend the ceremony is former Quebec Prime Minister Jean Charest.

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9:30 am | First guests arrive at Marie-Rhin du Monde Cathedral.

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9:25 am | Interview with Minnick, Athlete’s Stylist.

9:06 | Bishop Christian Lieben explains the course of the ceremony in an interview with Sophie Thibault.

9:04 am | A TVA helicopter flying over Marie-Rhin du Monde Cathedral.

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9 am | Many fans of Guy Lafleur have already gathered in front of the Basilica Marie-Rhin du Monde in Montreal in anticipation of the celebration.

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