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Health statement: What will happen to unvaccinated pregnant women?

Health statement: What will happen to unvaccinated pregnant women?

“I ask!” “Okay, but do you have your health permit?” After Emmanuel Macron’s announcements on July 12, the use of the health permit will be extended to access, in particular, to hospitals and medical and social institutions. It would be necessary to show a white claw to be able to enter, but this procedure seems to have been forgotten by pregnant women. It is not possible to vaccinate before a certain stage, therefore, many of them may not have a complete vaccination schedule before its implementation, which is scheduled for early August.

There is no vaccine against Covid-19 before the second trimester of pregnancy

The recommendations of the French health authorities state that pregnant women can be vaccinated in The second trimester of pregnancy, or only from 16 weeks of menopause. Among those who refuse to be vaccinated against Covid-19 and those who cannot receive two injections, this represents a lot of future mothers who will not be vaccinated.

However, a health card will soon be necessary to access hospitals, where many pregnant women do their work pregnancy monitoring. Thus, this risks hampering appointments with your gynecologist or midwife, or even for an ultrasound. However, these are necessary to ensure the health of the future baby and mother …

What are the solutions for pregnant women who are not vaccinated?

Vaccination is not the only way to obtain a health permit. To get to medical appointments, expectant mothers will have two options. The first is to show evidence of recovery from a coronavirus infection, with a positive test and then a negative test dating at least 2 weeks and less than 6 months old. But it is still necessary for us to have Covid-19, which we do not wish for anyone … The second possibility is to perform PCR or antigen test 48 hours in advance. If the result is negative, it will be possible to get to the hospital.

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