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How did Thomas Pesquet celebrate July 14 aboard the International Space Station?

From space, astronaut Thomas Bisquet celebrated July 14 with colleagues aboard the International Space Station. How is the National Astronaut Day? What was on the menu to celebrate the occasion?

For the first time in his career, Thomas Pesquet celebrated the 14th of July in space. Astronauts work hard aboard the International Space Station. They conduct several experiments daily which generally focus on medicine, physiology and stem cells, Thomas Pesquet explained to footballer Kylian Mbappe during a video conference.

Thomas Bisquet celebrates July 14 aboard the International Space Station – Credits: ESA/NASA – T. Biscuits

However, astronauts are entitled to 2 or 3 days leave to set for 6 months. Since the United States’ National Day, July 4th, falls on a Sunday, July 14th was the perfect time to take a day off. A well-deserved respite for the astronauts who recently deployed solar panels to the International Space Station. Thomas Pesquet and fellow American Shane Kimbrough have already made several spacewalks to install and deploy the new iROSA solar panels.

French dinner for astronauts aboard the International Space Station

Thomas Pesquet has prepared a surprise for his American, Russian and Japanese colleagues to appropriately celebrate the French National Day. He shared several photos of the day on his account Twitter. You can find them in the tweet below. For the occasion, the astronauts wore T-shirts in the colors of France. Thomas Bisquet was also wearing traditional french hats.

The French astronaut explained that: I tried to mark the occasion with a French dinner, flags and, well, some pictures of the Frenchman seen from the US – thanks to our SpaceX coaches on the unique growing patch of the world SpaceX has already presented a crescent-shaped top to Thomas Pesquet. No croissant Besides the astronaut’s only disappointment on July 14.

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In addition, Thomas Pesquet did not reveal the exact content of the French menu prepared aboard the International Space Station. We can still see the created image Appetizers, main course, cheese and dessert. A very classic dinner, but perhaps alien astronauts are not used to eating it. Some of the dishes on offer were, for example, shells with foie gras and beef or salmon with candied lemon and even beef bourguignon.

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