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Healing power

Healing power

Like many young people, Ariane Magny, now 26, began struggling with disordered eating (TCA) in her early teens. Being in a major search for identity at the time, she admitted that she had hidden disorders of anorexia and bulimia, which she suffered from alternately. “I felt that ED was the only part of my life that I had real control over and through which I was able to achieve my goals. But the disease took control of my life and I had to stay in the hospital for long periods over a period of ten years,” says the psychology student who now considers herself cured. .

And if this experience, over time, was both dark and illuminating, it contributed to the formation of the empathetic woman that Ariane became, the one she founded with her mother. Trade wind flight — a non-profit organization that supports young girls with autism spectrum disorder through sailing trips on the St. Lawrence River — one day she realized she had a choice between committing to the path to recovery… or staying sick. “Although I don't consider recovery a simple matter of willpower, I realized that I had to make an effort to get better, and that I had to choose to move past it, since I had more to lose than to lose.” Acquired with eating disorders, as you trust. But this journey was not without challenges or outside help…”

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