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Mirepoix.  School City students during the Science Festival activities

Mirepoix. School City students during the Science Festival activities

For the second year in a row, students of the Campus Science Club, invited by the Pyrene Science Society, and supervised by their teachers Claire Carlier, Catherine Mathieu and Sylvie Le Parc, hosted a booth during the latest edition of the exhibition. Science Festival held from October 10 to 13.

The public was presented with an “escape game” on the themes of “sports and science,” and many of them came to the Forges de Pyrène site. The scenario was as follows: on the eve of the Olympic Games in Paris, an athlete resorted to illegal stimulating substances. Students suggested four activities that reveal doping! Gabin started the game, and the whole group competed in insight to solve the puzzles.

Adults and parents also participated in the game and were able to remember physical science lessons, thanks to the experiment on conductive materials. Next, your visitor guiding skills were put to the test!

But it’s not over yet. The weighing on Roberval’s scales, which aroused the curiosity of more than one, was necessary… The solution was given by a colorful chemistry experiment and the symbols were revealed.

The students, playing the role of game masters, worked to supervise step by step the animation they created. “I enjoyed guiding the other students! I was surprised at how quickly the young students solved the guidance puzzle…” explains Elias. “The stands were diverse and suitable for all ages. I discovered a lot of things!” exclaims Lily. “The atmosphere was great and I really enjoyed presenting our work to the public!” concludes Mattis.

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The students had an excellent day dedicated to science and joint work. They are already planning for next year!