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Why is there no sound in space?

Why is there no sound in space?

Sound, unlike light which is an electromagnetic wave, is a physical manifestation in the form of a mechanical wave that, in order to move, relies intrinsically on the presence of a physical medium. This medium can be air, water, or any other medium in which molecules can vibrate and thus transfer sound energy from one point to another. When we talk, sing, or even knock on something, we generate sound waves that spread thanks to the vibration of molecules in the surrounding environment. It is this vibration that, when it reaches our ears, our brain translates into recognizable sounds. In contrast, outer space is characterized by an almost absolute vacuum, where particles are extremely dispersed, making the propagation of sound waves impossible.

The moon represents A environment The usual laws of sound propagation also do not apply. In fact, there is no air, but without air acting as a transmission medium, sound waves cannot travel. Astronauts who explore Lunar star Therefore, alternative means must be resorted to, such as wireless communications. These devices exploit electromagnetic waves, which, unlike sound waves, can travel through the vacuum of space. Thus, even in the face of a loud phenomenon like a moonburst, everyone would be silent Human ear ! This scenario is not limited to (…)

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