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He tied three children with cables while playing in a deserted swimming pool

He tied three children with cables while playing in a deserted swimming pool

The man found three children playing in the swimming pool of his parents' empty house (Credit Image: Getty Images)

This March 4, in Broome, Australia, 45-year-old Madej Radelić was found swimming in the outdoor swimming pool of her parents' unoccupied home.

The enraged Australian tied the three children with cables and threatened to “beat them with a big stick”. Daily Mail. He wanted to wait for the police to come and arrest them. The images were broadcast live on Facebook by a relative of the captive children, who was later denied by Matej Radelić. We see two children tied up and crying, and a third, 8 years old, manages to flee the scene.

Adivasi community supported

“They're on my property,” the Australian can be heard shouting in the video. “It's not the first time – six times [cela arrive]”. The children were eventually freed by police officers who arrived at the scene. Madej Radelić was arrested the next day by Western Australian police and will appear in court on March 25.

Rowena, mother of two children Stuart, 7, and Margaret, 6, told the store it was a “disgrace”. A Current Affair. State Children's Commissioner Jacqueline McGowan-Jones expressed her dismay. “[Les enfants] Looks very scary (…) [Matej Radelic] A somewhat tall man. They seem very nervous,” he said ABC Radio Perth.

After the incident, the local tribal community showed their emotion and support as the trio tied up the children of tribal origin.

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