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Boris Johnson may be targeted by a motion of no confidence due to "partygate"

Boris Johnson may be targeted by a motion of no confidence due to “partygate”

The situation is complicated Boris JohnsonImmersed in criticism Followers of “Partygate”. Former leader of the Conservative Party British William Hawke It ruled on Tuesday that a no-confidence motion would be brought against the prime minister next month.

Instead of putting an end to the corruption that has plagued the Conservative government for six months, an executive report released last week described the scale of the irregularities. Govt resistance On Downing Street, new calls for resignation were announced in drops and drops.

Destructive environment for Bojo within the party

The party’s ‘1922 Committee’ needs 54 letters from MPs to provoke a no-confidence vote on Boris Johnson. Nearly thirty people have publicly called for his departure, but the political class is speculating as to whether this goal can be achieved in the future, even if the procedure is kept secret, or even when parliamentarians return after the break on Monday. Celebrations of the 70-year reign of Elizabeth II.

“I think so [les conservateurs] We’re going to the polls next week or at the end of June, ”estimates former diplomat William Hague on Times Radio. William Hague, the party’s leader from 1997 to 2001, added: “Many took to last week’s events to say that the problems were over and that Boris was not in danger, but that it was not in the Conservative Party.

Alcohol and vomiting

Report made by Sue Gray, A senior civil servant dives heavily into the parties organized on Downing Street during his imprisonment, which is akin to heavy sacrifices for the British. Until the vomiting – he describes the arguments, the music, the early morning departure through the back door and the line of liquor pots with disrespect to the security or maintenance agents.

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Boris Johnson themselves Fined – Being a prime minister is unheard of – he accepted “full responsibility for everything that happened” but thought he should “continue” his mission. On Tuesday two MPs joined the ranks of his critics: former minister Andrea Leitzm, who denounced the “unacceptable mistakes of the leadership” and John Stevenson.

Upcoming Area Assembly

The scandal has already eroded Boris Johnson’s long – standing popularity, causing a major setback for the Tories in the local elections in early May. He maintained his position by highlighting his driving role, particularly in the Western response Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Two by-elections are scheduled for June 23, the day after the uprising against the head of state resumed. If he is defeated by a motion of no confidence, an internal election will be held within the party to appoint a new leader. If he survives there, he will not be expelled for a year.

Conservatives in bad shape

Since a parliamentary inquiry will now have to determine whether he lied in parliament, it will push him to resign. Boris Johnson, long considered an election victory machine, became champion BrexitMore and more it looks like a foil after the “Partigate” but against the backdrop of the historic decline of the purchasing power of the British.

A recent survey by the YouGov Institute suggests that the Conservatives, who have been in power for twelve years, could lose all of their popular constituencies in 2019 if the current legislative elections take place in the suburbs of Boris Johnson, London. On the other hand, no apparent successor stands alone, enough to temporarily promote some elected officials before the by-elections begin.

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