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Hagrid, a sweet old dog, needs a temporary home

Hagrid, a sweet old dog, needs a temporary home

The Montreal SPCA is urgently looking for a temporary foster family for Hagrid, a wonderful, easy-going, highly socialized dog who deserves the best chance at good health.

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This beautiful large brown with a gray muzzle, approximately 11 years old, was found as a stray and has never been claimed.

His past is unknown, but the medical team at the shelter indicated that he suffers from several health problems that have not been treated, perhaps for a long time. Living in a loving family, even temporarily, will do him the greatest good.

Courtesy of the SPCA of Montreal

His limited mobility and deafness do not slow down his desire to go out and smell everything in his path.

He also walks very well on a leash, without pulling, and follows his human enthusiastically. Old hand! But you will have to respect your own pace and pay attention to your needs and limits.

Courtesy of the SPCA of Montreal

Hagrid should receive medical care and be able to rest in a peaceful and warm environment. The treatments required will be explained in detail to the host family.

One of Hagrid’s great qualities is that he gets along well with his peers. Even the grumpiest dogs appreciate their presence!

Maybe they feel that Hagrid is a wise old man who can teach them things about living with humans?

As he recovers, Hagrid cannot live with young children, who might accidentally bump into him.

However, young people who are old enough to understand canine language and respect this older dog’s boundaries can benefit from his communicative joy. In fact, he plays with the stuffed animals like a puppy!

Courtesy of the SPCA of Montreal

If you’re lucky enough to meet the affable Hagrid, you’ll find it impossible to resist his charm. When he feels confident (usually within a minute!), this guy will roll onto his back and ask for a cuddle while he gets all flustered. He has so much love to give.

Would you like to help a senior animal that really needs it? Open your heart and home by becoming Hagrid’s foster family! You will have every right to submit to it and adopt it.

Courtesy of the SPCA of Montreal

If you are able to help this beautiful Adonis, or if you have any questions, contact the Montreal SPCA Clinical Programs Team