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The first television appearance of Jean-Michel Anctil’s partner

The first television appearance of Jean-Michel Anctil’s partner

We move on to the penultimate episode of Salty sweetComedian, actor and host Jean-Michel Anquetil was wonderfully accompanied by his mistress.

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Yes, for the first time, Melody Charest He appeared on television on Thursday evening, participating in a debate between the hosts and taking part in a doubles match organized by Melanie, creating an unforgettable television moment.

Screenshot / Sweet and salty

In fact, in a relationship with his lover of almost three years, but of a secretive nature regarding his private life, Anquetil, who will be hosting the back-to-school special in It’s a good end to the weekToday, Sunday, L. revealed Melanie Maynard She was the reason he made his relationship public.

Screenshot / Sweet and salty

The revelation happened during the morning show on the airwaves WKND, when Melanie Maynard shared the news right after a message from Anquetil’s wife. Although the origin of this revelation remains uncertain, Melanie Maynard expressed her apologies, to which Jean-Michel Anctil responded that it was not necessary.

Screenshot / Sweet and salty

There is no doubt that the couple, who have now been living together for some time, are more in love and “integrated” than ever before.

Don’t miss the final episode of the season Salty sweetairing Friday evening at 6:30 pm on TVA or on VAT +

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