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"Simply good with Natalie": Natalie Simard launched her magazine on luxury

“Simply good with Natalie”: Natalie Simard launched her magazine on luxury

Natalie Simard has enough body stickers. She says well-being and health are within everyone’s reach. You just have to stop putting pressure on yourself, take time for yourself and accept who you are.

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This is the message we find on the pages of “Simplement bien avec Nathalie”, the new health magazine launched by TVA Publications and whose first issue – which the team respected all its desires – reached newsstands.

Turn to himself

The bariatric surgery she underwent in 2019 led her to this awareness, like an epidemic that continues to rage.

“COVID has led us to introspection and we realize that a lot of things were ingrained in our ways of working, thinking and living. Judgments never stop. That’s what I’m tired of,” the artist explained in an interview with QMI.

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For her, it is imperative to show kindness and give yourself all the attention she thinks necessary even if she admits, “It’s quite a hold.”

“We heard this sentence: Our oil has been changed for our tank, but not for us. COVID forced us to make an appointment with ourselves. We are in the era of truly taking care of yourself, giving yourself importance, love, and kindness.”

Like our body, our minds need care, to be pampered.

“The positive attracts the positive. We have to talk to each other. We are in a period that we haven’t seen around the world. It would naturally be difficult, but it is time to take charge, understand each other and share our thoughts, advice and ways of working to get through this whirlwind.”

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But, of course, not everything is done with the touch of the fingers.

“You have to give yourself time, be patient. We are not Wonder Women or Superman. It is important to apply this unhealthy pressure that has appeared to us since our childhood in magazines where if you are thin, you are more beautiful. This is not true!”

Image courtesy / Bruno Petrosa


In order to create a magazine with a wealth of information without judgment and without imposing barriers, she was able to surround herself with various collaborators and stakeholders.

Among them, exercise professional José Lavigur, dietitian Lodina Khoury, and eating disorder psychologist Tania Lemoyne asserts Natalie Simard, “It will bring a lot of painkillers into people’s lives!

We also discover influencing and inspiring testimonials, whether it’s from the main interested party or TVA Sports host Jean-Charles Lajoie who has recovered.

Today more than ever, Natalie Simard knows all too well what she wants.

“I will be 52 this summer. I want to have ‘fun’, I want to live, I want to live healthy. My priorities have completely changed and today, [l’important] Is to be happy, well and happy. “

In addition to her magazine “Simplement bien avec Nathalie”, in which she participated in every step, Natalie Simard will soon provide meetings with specialists and other inspiring people thanks to the group that will be created on the Facebook page “La Semaine”, a magazine that writes her column every week.

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