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Guy Fournier suffers from lung cancer

Guy Fournier suffers from lung cancer

In a wonderful biography entitled Never two without mepublished by Éditions du Journal, Guy Fournier speaks frankly about his twin bond, his loves, his betrayals, his friendships, his career, but also about the cancer diagnosis he received a few months ago. When our journalist asked him in an interview on our pages if the diagnosis had taken control of him, here is his answer.

Sebastien Sauvage

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“Yes, it shocked me. I quit smoking over 50 years ago…and I never had any symptoms that would make me think I had cancer. The pulmonologist told me I had a large, inoperable mass, and suggested I run some tests. I told Maryse that maybe I have two or three months to live. Tests revealed that there are no metastases. I have been taking immunotherapy for a few months. It may shrink the tumor or slow its progression. It seems to be working! I try as little as I can to think, to keep my feelings to myself and act on The others said yes, as if nothing had happened. The hardest thing is that my twin brother died during the same period. We always told ourselves that we might die at the same time. It seems that I will not die right away…”

Read the full interview with Guy Fournier in the latest issue of La Semaine on newsstands or at

His book will be on sale starting November 13.
You can read his columns in Le Journal de Montréal and Le Journal de Québec.

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