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Great job to put an end to spam

Great job to put an end to spam

Are you tired of newsletters and ads cluttering your inbox? Thanks to the new subscription management feature, Gmail will allow you to get rid of unwanted messages in the blink of an eye.

Despite the best efforts of your ISPs and email services, you're also probably receiving dozens of unwanted emails every day, sometimes to the point of being overwhelmed. The glitch is due in part to the many newsletters I signed up for without paying attention. In addition to being particularly annoying, they can be used to send scams and even malware. However, Google is doing its best to tackle Gmail spam! According to the American giant, its current technologies already allow 99.9% of spam to be deleted before it reaches your mailbox. Also last December, Mountain View announced that it was developing a new device based on artificial intelligence, which would make life difficult for spam users (see our article). But what do you do when spam manages to get into your mailbox?

Last October, the company announced that it was developing new anti-spam measures in Gmail (see our article). Broadcasters were required to unsubscribe with one click and process unsubscribe requests within two days, while commercial email senders were required to improve the authentication of their emails to prove they were authentically sent by the organization they claimed to represent. But fortunately, Google is about to unveil a long-awaited feature to help clean things up.

Manage your Gmail subscriptions: Unsubscribe in no time

Google has already implemented several anti-spam measures. Last January, for example, Gmail integrated a new button called “Unsubscribe.” By clicking on it, the service automatically performs the procedure of deleting personal information from the mailing list of one or more sites (see our article). This time, Mountain View went further. As AssembleDebug revealed once activated, it displays the “Subscriptions” page which lists all subscriptions, as its name indicates.

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The tool will identify senders who exceed a certain quota of emails and will categorize them using filters based on the number of emails received: less than 10 per quarter, between 10 and 20, or more than 20 banners per sender and unsubscribe button displayed also. No need to search for it at the bottom of your emails! This makes it possible to identify at a glance which brands and companies are the most polluting in terms of messaging. At the moment, the subscription manager is not official, because you have to dig into the Android app code to make use of it. Some users pointed out On Reddit They receive a message informing them that this functionality is available, but are only shown a blank page when they try to take advantage of it. We should know more soon.