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Grandmother killed by the bull she had just received

Grandma, who decided to collect a bull despite the vet’s recommendations, paid with her life.

Only listening to her big heart, Britton Ann Shields, 67, has welcomed a stray dog ​​into her Spanish home, according to reports. daily Mail.

Apparently a vet tried to dissuade her due to the animal’s seriousness.

Unfortunately, the dog turned on her after four days. Shields sustained “catastrophic” injuries to her arms and head, he reported daily Mail.

Neighbors who heard her screams alerted the authorities. The policemen who intervened in the granny’s house had to put out the monster so that they could save the poor woman. However, she died in the hospital.

The police confirmed that they recognized the owner of the dog, although he did not have an electronic chip. It appears he cannot own bulls or other “potentially dangerous” dogs in Spain due to past crimes.

Investigators say the dog’s owner is a 35-year-old Spaniard. An investigation is underway on suspicion of manslaughter.

According to the victim’s daughter, her mother loved animals. She had named the hole Choccy. She wasn’t going to keep him, but the shelters were full and she couldn’t bring herself to throw the dog out on the street.

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