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Nord Stream: A Russian ship was in the sector just prior to the sabotage

The Danish daily “Information” reported on Friday that a Russian navy ship specializing in underwater operations was present near the site of the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines shortly before the explosions in late September.

The Danish military confirmed to the newspaper that it had 26 photos of the SS-750 ship, which includes a midget submarine, taken in the Baltic Sea four days before the September 26 explosions.

Asked by AFP, the Danish military refused to respond immediately.

“The Danish military confirmed that 26 photos of a Russian ship were taken from a Danish patrol boat in the area east of Bornholm on September 22, 2022,” writes “Information”.

Seven months after the stunning sabotage of strategic gas pipelines linking Russia with Germany, responsibility for the submarine attack remains murky despite criminal investigations in neighboring countries (Germany, Sweden and Denmark).

The New York Times had told him in early March, based on information consulted by US intelligence, that a “pro-Ukrainian group” would be behind the sabotage, but without the intervention of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Germany had announced at the same time the investigation with a boat suspected of transporting explosives to the site, without being able to draw any conclusions about the identity of the perpetrators.

The only certainty is that this sabotage is related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but it is a “complicated issue”, as the Swedish prosecutor involved in the investigation explained in early April.

The prosecution indicated that “our basic hypothesis is that the state is behind” this vandalism.

For analyst Jakob Karspo, a former Danish military intelligence officer, the presence of the SS-750 in the area “shines light on what was happening in the area in the days before.

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He told Al-Ilam that the confirmation of his presence in the sector is particularly interesting, “because we know that he has the ability to carry out such an operation.”