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Google installed a tracking app without users’ knowledge

Google has installed a Covid-19 tracking app on smartphones for Android users residing in Massachusetts (US). The Mountain View giant admits to integrating this contact tracing app without the express permission of the users. Unsurprisingly, the affected users are outraged. To defend itself, Google ensures that tracking is not activated without the consent of Internet users.

Like most states in the US, Massachusetts has launched a tracking app to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Titled “Exposure Notification Settings Feature”, this app warns users if they see someone in contact COVID-19, in a way TousAntiCovid in France.

On the app’s dedicated page on the Play Store, many Massachusetts residents are complaining about it The tracking app is installed by default on their Android smartphones. “The application was installed on my daughter’s phone without her consent and without any warning” user says.

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Google admits to installing tracking app without users knowing علم

“I have no idea how it looks on my smartphone” Bid on the Internet user. “The app was installed on my phone all night without warning” Certificate abounds. Several users explained that they quickly deleted the app from their terminal after the intrusion was detected by Google.

Called by our colleagues from Android Police, Google admits to installing contact tracing app without asking for user feedback from Massachusetts. “We have worked with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to allow users to activate the exposure notification system directly from their Android phone settings. This feature is built into device settings and is distributed automatically through the Google Play Store, so users do not have to download a separate app.” Google explains in a press release.

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However, the California group specifies that Tracking is not enabled by default. “Notifications of exposure to COVID-19 are only enabled if the user has activated it proactively. Users decide to activate this feature and share information through the system to warn others of potential exposure to Covid-19” American publisher. What do you think of Google’s logic? We are waiting for your opinion in the comments.

Source : Android Police