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Chronopassion presents its Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Tattoo Fuoco watch in rose gold

Chronopassion presents its Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Tattoo Fuoco watch in rose gold

We no longer offer the Bvlgari Octo Finissimo watch. In just a few years, this watch has become an icon of contemporary watchmaking thanks to its unconventional design, the versatility of its exceptional caliber and its case that makes the door feel like a “second skin”.

This year, three men: Laurent Bisciotto, founder of Chronopassion in Paris, one of the most influential figures in contemporary watchmaking; Mo Coppolita, famous London tattoo artist, and Fabrizio Bonamassa Stigliani, Director of Product Innovation at Bvlgari, have taken a new look at the language of art engraved on leather, by reinterpreting it on the precious metal of the Octo Finissimo watch. .

Tattooing today is considered a form of individual self-expression, and is considered a form of art, and it has its own trends and styles, from abstraction to imagery, from pictorial to hyper-realistic, and from tribal to modern.

Tattooing is developing at an amazing speed. After he left the street, he opened himself to other techniques, to new styles and, above all, to artists with their own visual and cultural backgrounds, such as Mo Coppolita, the art director and designer.

The Octo Finissimo Tattoo Fuoco in rose gold, completely “tattooed” with fire, concludes this trilogy of tattoos about the natural elements: song, aqua and fuoco! Air, water and fire. Three natural elements will form the “skin” of the Octo Finissimo watch in three special editions produced exclusively for Chronopassion in Paris.

After Aria, studded with clouds and stars in 2021, and Aqua with its powerful water vortexes in 2022, Octo Finissimo Tattoo is decorated with fire and flames in this final edition that brings these three men together one last time around the fire.

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If the previous two pieces were made of sandblasted titanium, Fuoco’s creativity burns under the sparkle of rose gold – a material with warm nuances dear to Bvlgari that clearly evokes the heat of a flame better than a piece of titanium. !

The overall thickness of this watch is just 5.15 mm thanks to the ultra-thin self-winding movement (Bvl 138) measuring 2.23 mm thick, made possible thanks to the platinum micro-rotor, among other things. Its weekend-proof power reserve has been increased to 60 hours.

The fifteen copies of this limited series are available exclusively at Chronopassion in Paris.