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Good news for Cole Cofield

Good news for Cole Cofield

Cole Cofield appeared again at Montreal Canadiens practice Tuesday morning at the Bell Center, still wearing his big grin, but without the brace that held his injured shoulder in place.

Little 22 appears to be on the mend, as he has dropped the bandage he’s been wearing since his surgery just over a month ago.

Stick in his hands – although the Habs coaching staff prevented him from grabbing one several weeks ago – Caufield is seen chatting with Brendan Gallagher, another paraplegic on CH’s team. The 30-year-old veteran has not played since Jan. 3, and is suffering from a leg injury.

Although he did not play the last 17 games, Cofield remains the Canadiens’ leading scorer this season with 26 goals. He is also second in scoring behind Nick Suzuki.

Even the most hopeful of fans think little of a return to action for the 22-year-old American by the end of the season. Bleu-Blanc-Rouge certainly won’t risk aggravating a sniper’s injury, even if he looks to be in good shape.

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