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Gilac.  The French service area is already running

Gilac. The French service area is already running

Named in July, commissioned in September, the France Services site was opened on the Place d’Haupoul by the Tarn District Governor.

François-Xavier Lauch, Governor of Tarn, was at his fifth inauguration of the French services space. “There are 22 in the department and we expect us to have 25. France Services shows that public service is always there. We believe in it a lot and I am glad there are some in the wonderful rural areas, in the mid-town and priority city neighbourhoods.” For Gaillac, France Services is more of an evolution than a revolution. In November 2017, the mayor launched Simplicité, with CCAS already providing digital assistance and various measures. The service around Marjorie Daydé has proven to be efficient during the Covid and heat wave, and Martine Souquet also commended the staff. But the France Services brand, since July, opens up a new field of activity. Three clients have been specially trained. “France Services aims to simplify daily procedures and address the risks of social, digital and intergenerational division,” said the mayor. It can help in setting up a mailbox, clarifying the first steps on pensions (this is the largest demand at the moment), and making appointments with the Family Allowance Fund.

Neighboring towns too

France Services relies on a network of nine partners who can unblock administrative positions within 24 or 48 hours. The Defender of Rights comes every two weeks to meet people who have a dispute with the administration, social assistance as well (by appointment), as well as a justice conciliator. All this help is free.

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Attendance varies by day, on average about ten visits. The building is equipped to house a digital space and a confidential office and to separate CCAS and France Services. “You are the advanced level that allows access to the public service,” the governor added. The Gaillac system also targets neighboring municipalities, even if Lisle-sur-Tarn and in Cordice, not Cabanne, have their own France services. The state’s goal is to have a network tight enough to serve users for 30 minutes from the France Service Center. “But you have to think about the last kilometer, for all those who can’t move,” the governor noted. Therefore, the installation of the France Services spaces was not completed.