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Will we end up finding aliens thanks to the traces of their passage through space?

Will we end up finding aliens thanks to the traces of their passage through space?

Are we alone in the universe? This question that asks us about our humanity is the subject of the thinking of philosophers, but it has also, for decades, been the subject of research by scholars. We’re of course familiar with Seti (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence), which has inspired a number of films – including Robert Zemeckis’ famous “Contact” with Jodie Foster, based on the novel by astronomer Carl Sagan. Seti are the “ears” of humanity, a collective name now referring to the various researchers and observatories trying to detect waves, messages or signals in the sky that undoubtedly indicate the existence of a technological civilization.

For several years now, Seti researchers haven’t been alone: ​​They have been joined by others, a smaller number, who hope to find traces of possible aliens on our doorstep, astronomically speaking. It’s clear that debris or even entire probes that could have been left by explorers from elsewhere or even, who knows, machines are still watching us.

Detecting extraterrestrial technologies

A team of American universities and research institutes, including NASA, have just called for the development of this new branch of solar system observation. During the first Seti Symposium organized by Penn State University at the end of June,

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