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Giant robot Grendizer and Prince Actaros return in “Goldorak U” –

Giant robot Grendizer and Prince Actaros return in “Goldorak U” –

“Goldorak”, created by Gô Nagai in 1975, has been revived with the anime series “Goldorak U”. This collaboration between Japan and Saudi Arabia, scheduled for 2024, brings together big names such as director Mitsuo Fukuda and mangaka Yoshiyuki Sadamoto.

After a devastating attack on his planet by the hostile Vega Empire, Prince Euphor escapes to Earth with the giant robot Grendizer. Upon his arrival, Dr. Procyon, Director of the Space Research Center, adopted him and named him Actaros. The young alien then lives a normal life among humans.

One day, while Actaros and the Doctor were studying strange alien objects, a sudden attack from the Vega Empire jolted the prince’s memory. Thus begins the plot of “Goldorak”.

Casting brand

In the new animated series “Goldorak U”, scheduled for release in 2024, the story will, in principle, be identical to that of “Goldorak”, but with a renewed design. All under the supervision of big names in manga such as director Mitsuo Fukuda (“Gundam”), Yoshiyuki Sadamoto for creating the characters (“Neon Genesis Evangelion”), and Ichirô Ôkouchi (“Gundam: The Witch from Mercury”, “Code Geass”) for the script. and Ko Tanaka (“One Piece”) for music.

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From Japan to Saudi Arabia

This remake of the original series created by mangaka Kiyoshi Nagai, also known as Go Nagai, in 1975, is the result of a collaboration between Japanese production company Gaina and Saudi animation and video game company Manga Productions, owned by the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Foundation. Salman.

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A video game based on the universe of the series called “UFO Robot Grendizer: The Feast of the Wolves”, is also planned by Manga Productions. It will be available from November 14 on all regular consoles except the Nintendo Switch, whose version will be released in 2024.

A pariah series in his country

When it was released in October 1975, “Goldorak” struggled to find a place on Japanese screens. Two years after it started broadcasting, it stopped. On the other hand, after three years in France, Switzerland and Belgium, the giant robot found its place through the Dorothy Club. The success of the series was such that derivative products such as records and games emerged.

The trailer for “Goldorak U” has also been released in English, French, Italian, and Arabic, but is not currently available in Japanese.

Radio Subject: Laurent Dormond

Web Adaptation: Myriam Al-Samaani