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Jeremy talks about changing his song and the surprising ending of his setup with Lara Fabian

Jeremy talks about changing his song and the surprising ending of his setup with Lara Fabian

Jeremy is finally eliminated from the adventure star Academy, After the public saved her several times.

To defend his place this Sunday, he performed “Somebody Like You” by Keith Urban. ” I’m still proud of what you gave me tell us. ” Note-wise, guitar-wise, I always have a lot of negative notes to make for myself. But, in general, I am pleased with the energy that it gave me. I wanted to show fun and this is what happened. »

At first, it wasn’t this piece that he explained. ” This Sunday, my goal was to show what I could do vocally, I wanted a song that required a certain vocal style. So, with production and Gregory Charles, we decided to present Johnny Hallyday’s “Allumer le feu,” but listen, I arrived on Wednesday, and I’m starting to get tired in my voice. Observations that are usually very easy to achieve were really complex. Even Lara said to me, “I think you’ll be able to do that by Sunday, but are you really sure that’s what you want to do?” I talked about it again with the production and on Thursday I changed the song. »

His setup ended abruptly with the director. ” Basically, I realized that it’s pointless to work, “Your voice is bullshit and seems to be putting pressure on you. You’re used to having fun in an internship.” There, she just said to me, “Think of you. Relax. Think things right. I trust you, that you can give us a great performance, but think if it’s the right performance. The right tune for you. So that’s what you want to do.” We’ll do our best, but…” Basically, no one wants to see me crash this Sunday. It was just goodwill. »

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Add : ” We changed the song into something I did before, I was good at it, and I was going to enjoy it. It was my choice anyway, they strongly advised me to change the song. »

Covid hit the academy again this week and Jeremy explains how the virus has affected diversity. ” Everyone turned a dime “, He says. ” Yesterday morning, when we learned Olivier had Covid, we had a small meeting of academics and separated our parts. There was part of our job, but there was also a stage that had to decide whether or not we were keeping all the songs. Finally, we cut some songs, several modifications to the tracks. It’s also a bit like a business show, everything can change at any time. Greg always told us, even if you have a part to learn in the song, learn the full music because we are not immune to any last minute change. I, picked up the part at Éloi that was the opening number for Robert Charlebois, and all in all, I think it went really well. Recall that the producer and the audience commented on the situation on social networks. Read it all here.

It’s clear Jeremy’s adventure will feature this “saga” early in the season, as his words shocked fans. “ The greater part of this story, I did not live it. I have just received comments from my friends who wrote to me like: “In spite of everything the world says, trust yourself.” Then there’s a friend who told me at one point that I said some really bad things and that it was time to fix it. I went digging and no one wanted to tell me what I said in production, that’s how it is. Finally, I went to speak to Sandrine directly, we explained each other. We’re two people getting along really well, it was just a wave of anger that came up at the time. I apologize. I definitely had a pretty complicated week that week. It wasn’t easy. »

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Note that MIKA was supposed to appear this Sunday, but thisHe was replaced at the last minute by the music director of Star Académie.