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FTQ, CSN and CSD: Unions want to organize telework

FTQ, CSN and CSD: Unions want to organize telework

A model agreement was proposed Monday by three central trade unions in order to enforce guidelines for the use of telecommuting, when some health measures would be preferable to return to the office.

The model unveiled by the Federation of Quebec Workers (FTQ), the Central Trade Union Center (CNS) and the Center for Democratic Trade Unions (CSD) includes provisions on working hours and flexibility, and the burden of costs. as well as the obligations of the parties.

The document issued by the trade unions also addressed occupational health and safety and data protection.

Unions insist on the voluntary nature of remote work, noting that employers’ willingness to supervise work performance should not violate certain principles that protect workers’ privacy.

“What we are providing unions and employers with through this remote work policy model is a guide that should allow everyone to be treated fairly in line with labor laws,” said Daniel Boyer, president of the FTQ, in a press release.

He stressed that “this guide should make it possible, among other things, to establish guidelines for framing, supervision, working hours, as well as the protection of privacy.”

Teleworking will remain a reality in the organization of work for several sectors of activity. “Of course, if telecommuting brings with it its share of benefits, it must take into account the needs of workers and organizational needs,” said Luc Vachon, president of CSD.

“Remote work should not be forced or randomly assigned to suit your mood. Clear and objective guidelines are essential,” CSN President Carolyn Seinville added.

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