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Pierre-Carl Pillado rejected the appeal against his sister, Anne-Marie

Pierre-Carl Pillado rejected the appeal against his sister, Anne-Marie

In addition to the $36 million already paid in recent months, Les Placements Péladeau has to pay more than $9 million in interest and compensation to Ms. Péladeau.

So we see no error on the part of the subject judge in allowing us to interveneThe three judges of the Court of Appeal concluded, in a decision issued on Monday, noting that announced by Judge Gerard Dugri, on May 1, 2020.

This ruling puts an end to a family saga that has continued since 1999. “I have no emotion, neither joy nor sorrow,” said Anne-Marie Bellado, a few minutes after reading the judgment. fight over. But I find it ridiculous to get this result. I waited so long.

This judgment of the Court of Appeal is enforceable, and therefore the interest must be paid immediately. This will allow Anne-Marie to permanently turn the page on this episode, says her attorney Philip Trudel. After all this time, that’s enough.

However, this amount does not go directly into the respective capital pockets. Since 1993, the Trusteeship Council has been managing his property due to his significant dependency problems. It is a system that is currently under review in order to ease it. Britney Spears com!exclaims Annemarie Pillado, Three days after the pop star’s tutelage was lifted. It confirms that it is worth fighting for.

However, she does not believe that this decision will allow her to reconcile with her brother, Pierre Karl. To this day, I don’t understand why he let this go on for so long. This is not family.

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Les Placements Péladeau is 100% owned by Pierre Carl Péladeau. He is the controlling shareholder of Quebecor, which is worth about $7.3 billion on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Quebec President Pierre Carl Pelado

Photo: Radio Canada/Ivano Demers

This is a second setback in the appeal made to Pierre Carl Pillado regarding his father’s succession. In June, he was ordered to pay the remainder of the inherited inheritance to his half-brother, Simon-Pierre Bellado, or more than $4 million.

At the time of writing, Pierre-Carl Pillado has not responded to an interview request.