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Frédérique Guay will not return to TVA Sports for the coming months

Frédérique Guay will not return to TVA Sports for the coming months

In recent years, Frédéric Guay has been able to carve out her place in the Quebec media scene. We obviously know her for the many roles she’s had at TVA Sports (CF Montreal, tennis and studio animation, among others), but she’s also made her mark as a broadcaster at LCN.

Let’s say not many people can wear as many hats.

And in the past few weeks, we continue to see her on the airwaves of two Quebecor channels. However, the situation is about to change.

In fact, he was the main interested party on the LCN airwaves today She took the opportunity to announce that she would be taking a “break for a few months.”. So we won’t see her on air again for a little while.

She explained that she plans to take a career break. She doesn’t know exactly how long it will last, but again, she said a few months.

This is a somewhat surprising announcement considering that he was still very active for both channels until very recently. She was on the LCN airwaves today, but we also saw her on the cover of a magazine Wash the cup to TVA Sports two weeks ago.

This is a fairly big loss for the network, even though it is a very popular and highly competent media personality who is very popular throughout Quebec.

Yes, his departure (even in the short term) will leave a huge hole in the Quebec media landscape.

We wish her all the best in the coming months and, above all, a quick return to the airwaves if that’s what she wants.

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She deserves a spot on the air, either with TVA Sports or with LCN (or with both, as she has been doing for some time).

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