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France | Retire at 64 by 2030

(Paris) will be 64 by 2030: Elisabeth Bourne on Tuesday presented pension reform, a key commitment to President Emmanuel Macron, emphasizing the postponement of the statutory retirement age that already leads to the first day of union mobilization on January 19. .

And the Prime Minister confirmed, during a press conference, the arbitration that had been widely leaked in recent days, after a sequence that lasted for several months between consultations, procrastination, and the sudden report of the announcement.

If we do nothing, the deficit will widen, which will inevitably lead to a decrease in the purchasing power of pensioners or to an increase in taxes. This we do not want. To avoid it, in fact, we will have to work progressively longer.I station in France 2.

The left-wing parties, the National Assembly and all trade unions stand against the decline in the retirement age.

The leaders of the eight major unions (CFDT, CGT, FO, CFE-CGC, CFTC, Unsa, Solidaires and FSU) announced the first day of demonstrations and strikes on January 19, in which he called on all the left to join.

“This reform will severely affect all workers, and in particular those who start work early, the most dangerous and whose life expectancy is lower than the rest of the population,” declared, on behalf of the intersyndicale, CFDT Chairman Laurent Berger, whose CEO had hoped the same. Once to get support.

His counterpart at CGT, Felipe Martinez, added, “We are determined that this reform will not pass” and “we want to have as many employees on strike as possible” on January 19.

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The Prime Minister replied, “I have the impression that the trade unions must still look perhaps more carefully” at the project, as “we are responding to the requests that some have long made”.

from 1Verse September, the starting age will be “raised gradually by three months annually to 64 years in 2030. We will therefore be at 63 years and 3 months at the end of the five-year period” in 2027, detailing MI Thick head. Instead of the 65 years in which Emmanuel Macron campaigned.

We will not go beyond the 43 years of contribution provided for in the Turin reform to leave a full pension. But we’ll get to that goal faster, and we’ll move to a quarter rate.” So you’ll have to have contributed for 43 years from 2027 instead of 2035 to get a full pension.

minimum pension

Another major measure that the government is counting on to accept the reform: an increase in the minimum wage to 85%, or approximately €1,200 currently, of the minimum pension for full occupations. Scale extends to current retirees. “Nearly two million small pensions will be increased,” said Elizabeth Bourne.

The reform also includes a device “adapted” to long careers “so that no one who started” early would be forced to work for more than 44 years.

It will “record the extinction of the main remaining private systems”, for the new employees of the RATP, in the branch of the Electricity and Gas Industries and in the Banque de France.

With regard to the hardship component, an “investment fund for the prevention of occupational wear and tear” will be set up, with one billion euros over a five-year period.

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The government also wants to create an “index” that measures hiring of elderly people for companies with more than 1,000 employees “as of this year.” For those with more than 300 employees in 2024, companies will have to provide information about the risks of sanctions.. a measure that raises Employer hostility.

The government will include its reforms in the Social Security Budget Amendment Draft submitted to the Council of Ministers on January 23, before it will be considered in February in the Council.

“We are ready to develop our project further, and this will be possible thanks to a sincere and constructive parliamentary debate,” the prime minister affirmed.

“social regression”

Among the political opponents, Jean-Luc Mélenchon denounced “dangerous social decline”. Marine Le Pen emphasized her “determination” to “obstruct” the “unfair reform”.

On the other hand, the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Olivier Marlix, expressed his “satisfaction to hear” about the pace of reform and small pensions. But “there are things that need to be made clear about the long-term employment system. At some point, the subscription period must prevail over the age criterion,” he added.

For its part, Medef welcomed the “responsible and pragmatic decisions” of the government.

According to the latest opinion polls, a large majority of French people oppose raising the legal age.

And on Tuesday evening, about 350 people marched through Perpignan by torchlight. A banner read, “Let’s raise wages, not the retirement age.”

But for Renaissance MP Marc Ferracci, who is close to Emmanuel Macron, “we have to show that we will go all the way.”

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