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Hot potato chips make factory workers sick

Hot potato chips make factory workers sick

A new Doritos and Cheetos flavor is so spicy that workers at a factory in Australia are struggling to work in sanitary conditions.

a The complaint was sent to the government agency SafeWork Through the union after many workers were disturbed by side effects such as persistent coughing, violent sneezing and even rashes and sore throats.

It is Smith's Snackfoods, a subsidiary of multinational PepsiCo that produces “Flamin' Hot” chips, that is the subject of the complaint.

“Employees raised significant safety concerns regarding improper handling of strong products and irritating substances,” the document filed on behalf of Guangzhao Chen said.

“The seasoning spreads from the seasoning machine production area.”

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According to the complaint, 11 out of 13 workers interviewed reported various side effects.

The company is installing additional fans at its Adelaide plant

A PepsiCo spokesperson told the outlet Watchman The safety of its employees was the company's top priority.

“We follow a number of safety procedures and protocols when producing products containing hot spices,” the spokesperson said.

SafeWork is reviewing the union's complaint to determine whether additional action can be taken.

A previous complaint filed by the union last January referred to the accumulation of spice dust, but did not mention any harmful effects on workers’ health.

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