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“France has incredible talent”: Quebec native David Corriveau receives the Golden Buzzer from Sugar Sammy thanks to his imitation of Celine Dion

“France has incredible talent”: Quebec native David Corriveau receives the Golden Buzzer from Sugar Sammy thanks to his imitation of Celine Dion

Quebec impersonator David Corriveau goes straight to the semifinals France has incredible talentworn by Sugar Sammy’s golden buzzer.

“It was a difficult moment, I don’t even remember half of what happened. It’s a very big, very strong emotion. Even today, I find it hard to believe,” breathes David Corriveau.

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The show’s broadcast on Tuesday brought back memories of his time on set France has incredible talent. Quebec arrived at the M6 ​​studios last August with only one idea in mind: to impress the judging panel of Eric Antoine, Hélène Segarra, Marian James and Sugar Sammy.

Celine Dion’s voice

To do this, David Corriveau has developed a work that combines tradition with technological processes. Thanks to artificial intelligence, he was borrowing Sugar Sammy’s features while mimicking the voice of…Celine Dion. Thus he created the perfect illusion of the comedian pushing note on tune To love me more And I am alive.

“Imitating Celine Dion is a challenge in itself. But when you add the whole technical aspect to the AI… let’s just say it takes me very far out of my comfort zone. I spent four nights without sleep; I was just thinking about my number, I was very worried.

David Corriveau borrowed Sugar Sammy’s face and Celine Dion’s voice while auditioning for the film “France Has an Incredible Talent.”

Julian Thiel/M6

But the match was worth it, as Sugar Sammy quickly pressed the golden buzzer to send David Corriveau straight to the semi-finals. Everything was of course accompanied by the traditional explosion of golden confetti. The imitator does not hide that he brought some of them to Quebec as souvenirs.

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“I felt like Michel Tremblay’s daughters-in-law with their stamps! I filled my pockets with these little papers and went to pack them at the Bureau en gros when I got back to Montreal!” he exclaimed, laughing.

Back to Paris

David Corriveau is expected to arrive in Paris in the coming days to put the final touches on the number he will present during the semi-finals, a stage that will be filmed soon. If he has to remain tight-lipped on details for now, he says he has a firm intention of pushing his art “further” to take the step that separates him from the grand final.

And then? Al-Kibi does not hide his ambitions to see his star shine under the sky of Paris in the fairly near future. Performance of his presentation 100 fake It is already planned for our French cousins ​​in October 2024.

France has incredible talent It is an exceptional offer for Europe and even other places internationally. “It’s a golden opportunity,” he says.

  • the offer 100 fake It is also expected at Place des Arts in Montreal on October 28, 2024.