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Corsican singer Pietro Gilfucci dies at 66

Corsican singer Pietro Gilfucci dies at 66

The newspaper reported that the singer-songwriter has been in hospital since last summer Matine course.

After forming the group Canta u populu corsu in the early 1970s, Petru Guelfucci became the iconic figure of Corsican polyphony, a style imbued with traditional sacred music from the French island.

In 1987, Petru Guelfucci began his solo career which resulted in seven studio albums, including my treasures, published in 2019.

In France, he was awarded the Victoires de la musique twice: in 1991 with the group Les Nouvelles Polyphonies corses, and in 1995 with the group Voce di Corsica.

Interview on Radio Canada in 2018As part of his tour that marked his return to Quebec after an absence of 17 years, he described his musical heritage as follows: It is a way of being, a form of resistance to identity, that allows us to [nous] Know it’s Corsica and never forget where you come from.

Joel Le Pego’s sentence

Joël Le Bigot, who developed friendships with Petru Guelfucci, reacted, “It hurts me a lot. He was a very friendly and charismatic person.”

In the 1980s, the radio host introduced the Quebec audience to disc Corsicaobtained by him and his team. She was so beautiful, we were fascinated by the idea of ​​polyphonic singing.

We introduced it to our listeners and there was a lot of enthusiasm for it Corsica, he added. Then polyphony was unknown here. “

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This success led Pietro Gilvucci to come and perform in Quebec, where he became more famous than France.

There, polyphonic Corsican singing groups such as I Muvrini are still better known. “Petro Gilvucci didn’t want to play the game of promotion and TV interviews which bothered him so badly,” says Joël Le Bigot.