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for trial |  Chez Jean-Paul: Delicious local restaurant

for trial | Chez Jean-Paul: Delicious local restaurant

Restaurant open for lunch and during the week only? In a rather quiet corner of La Petite-Patrie (at the corner of avenues Bélanger and De La Roche) which bears the name Chez Jean-Paul? it's interesting.

Entering at midday on a Thursday when the sun is compensating for the sharp drop in temperature, we are drawn by the brightness of the building formerly occupied by the Cœur de loup restaurant. Our eyes are drawn to the white patterned ceiling, but above all to the semi-open chiaroscuro kitchen, at the back, behind the bar, where Ezel Jadua, the chef-owner of the place, is busy.

We will learn that the latter was previously the chef of the Paloma restaurant, which reminds us of Chez Jean-Paul: a neighborhood restaurant at its core, but serving dishes worthy of great tables on the plate. In our food: melting arctic charcoal under a deliciously crunchy crust, served with chicory and a wonderful complement of anchovies. Our guest chose pasta with clams, mussels and bottarga (made from dried fish roe). A delight, with corresponding prices for lunch.

In the evening, the dishes are less classic and more for sharing with a nice selection of seafood (clams, scallops, etc.). “We want people to taste as many things on the menu as possible,” says Ezell Gadua, who named his restaurant in honor of the person who gave him the desire to cook: his grandfather. Will the lunch format be the same as the evening format? The small team at Chez Jean-Paul is flexible. Host – and sommelier – Laurent Blanchet also explains that wines served by the glass are often based on the first customers of the day. So we thank those who have opened a bottle from an Austrian vineyard we love: Cupich.

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Open Tuesday to Thursday from 11:30am to 2pm, and Wednesday to Friday from 5:30pm to 10:30pm.

1141 Belanger Street, Montreal

Visit the Chez Jean-Paul website