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Old Quebec lacks foreign tourists

Old Quebec lacks foreign tourists

Usually conquered by international tourists and cruise passengers, Old Quebec merchants will only welcome vacationers from the province for the second consecutive summer, much to the dismay of some.

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“Quebec hotels will continue to be the bad relationships in the summer,” said Michel Dorre, the owner of several hotels in the fortified area, of the plague.

As long as the borders are not open, we cannot believe that we will have a good season, because the vast majority of them are [Québécois] They will spend their holidays in the area, “M. continuesI golden.

According to her, it is the restaurants and attractions of the old capital that will benefit the most from the dismantling. Souvenir shops have the same concerns.

“Last summer we saw a 95% drop in our earnings and we’re expecting the same this year. Without cruises, you’re going to be a big zero,” Joan Duncan Rosinke, owner of the Feejos store in Betty Champlain, laments.

Loss survey

Without false hopes, Cooperative du Quartier Petit Champlain still believes it can attract its share of Quebec visitors, but expects “to have to eat.” [son] Dry bread until 2022. “

“We certainly won’t have the traffic before the pandemic at all, but if the beautiful season extends and crumbles [fait son œuvre]“This should allow our traders to absorb last year’s losses,” says Sandra Torgon, CEO of the Foundation.

In Upper Town, the streets may have been busier in the “pre-Covidian” era, on this Patriot day when the sun was in the spotlight. Despite everything, an artist salesman who met Rue de Tresor said he was confident.

“I tend to think that we will have a better summer than last year, when people went to the regions to flee the virus,” said Francois Tomasen.

Useful deconfinement

France Marcotte.  Showroom owner

Photo by Stephens LeBlanc

France Marcotte. Showroom owner

Unlike other dealers, the Douce Passion art gallery on Notre Dame Street increased its sales volume by 40% thanks to unprecedented online sales.

Only debt removal will benefit him in the next few days.

“Like last year, once the restaurants reopen, we’ll see a nice difference in traffic,” hopes Frans Marcotte, the venue’s owner.

An exciting summer season is also planned for the Roots clothing store across from City Hall.

The foundation’s director, Melanie Tastard, says the worst of the crisis is behind us, vaccination coverage is becoming more important, people are less hesitant to go out and shop.

Roots store manager Mélanie Tastard is expecting a good summer season despite the absence of foreign tourists.

Photo by Stephens LeBlanc

Roots store manager Mélanie Tastard is expecting a good summer season despite the absence of foreign tourists.

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