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Fires in Hawaii |  Maui’s chief of crisis management resigns

Fires in Hawaii | Maui’s chief of crisis management resigns

(Los Angeles) The chief of the Maui Emergency Management Agency on Maui, who was criticized for not sounding a siren during the deadly fire that struck the town of Lahaina, resigned Thursday, according to a county statement.

“Today, Mayor Richard Besen accepted the resignation of Maui Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) Administrator Herman Andaya,” the statement read. Citing health reasons, Mr. Andaya has submitted his resignation, effective immediately.

Hermann Andaia said Wednesday at a press conference that he does not regret sounding the island’s siren as the fire approaches Lahaina, home to 12,000 residents.

The decision, along with other perceived mistakes before, during and after the disaster, which claimed at least 111 lives, angered survivors, who believed it would have saved more lives.

“Given the gravity of the crisis we face, my team and I will be appointing someone for this key position as soon as possible, and I look forward to announcing this soon,” said Mr. Bessen.

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