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[VIDÉO] Skaters were badly shaken while riding a cable car in Italy

[VIDÉO] Skaters were badly shaken while riding a cable car in Italy

Skiers riding one of the ski lifts at the Cervinia ski resort in the Italian Alps reportedly suffered severe shaking on Thursday when wind gusts suddenly reached more than 100 km/h.

“It will pay off!” One of the witnesses to the storm, who filmed the strong wind gusts on the Cretaz lifts in the Cervinia ski resort, screamed, according to photos circulated by the Parisian newspaper on Friday.

The resort was preparing to close its ski lift due to weather conditions, when the winds intensified, even before staff could disembark all the passengers who were on board.

The winds would suddenly increase from 30 kilometers per hour to more than 100 kilometers per hour, according to the local weather service reported by the newspaper “La Depeche”, to the point that the few skiers still on board needed to remain in their seats. To avoid falling.

In photos shared on social media, we can see some people still in wheelchairs shaking in all directions, as stunned witnesses watch from the ground.

“This is dangerous,” we can hear a Brit saying behind the camera.

Fortunately, the few passengers still on board the chairs were able to descend without the slightest injury at the top of the mountain after a few minutes, “thanks to the quick intervention and professionalism of the company’s employees,” the company said. He runs ski lifts, according to “Le Parisien” newspaper.

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