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except!  Stefan Gonzalez will leave 91.9 Sports in mid-June

except! Stefan Gonzalez will leave 91.9 Sports in mid-June

We are at the height of rumor season in Wonderful Very difficult world of radio.

And the rumors about 91.9 Sports, there are tons this year.

We learned for the first time last week that Jean-Charles Lagoy will return to the station that made him Huge sporting character it became. Jean Charles will lead show In the morning on 91.9 Sports, but also on 100.9 FM Québec and 96.5 FM Gatineau.

It is likely that a new sports network will be created and three programs from Montreal will be broadcast live on the three antennas: In the morning and noon and back.

On Tuesday, I was told that Daphne Malbov will co-host GC Morning. Bob Hartley could also join them in an unspecified role from what I hear, but nothing has been confirmed for this yet.

This morning, new information came to my ear: Stefan Gonzalez will leave 91.9 Sports around mid-June. For me Gonzo News It would have meant to 91.9 Sports management that he would not return next season. Remember, Gonzalez was part of the Radio X Montreal adventure, then Radio 9 and finally 91.9 Sports. So he will have spent eight years at RNC Media.

Thus, the plan to combine Georges Larracchi and Stefan Gonzalez on the broadcast waves of 91.9 Sports this fall will not work. You will hear a thousand rumors about the reasons for the departure of the star host, but the vast majority of them will be wrong. yes Gonzo leave it 91.9it’s because of someone somewhere Make him an offer he can’t refuse. This is.

What is this offer?

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According to many reputable sources, Gonzo Will join the team blue pocket. It was impossible for me to know the exact role of that Gonzo in home blue pocketBut from what I understand LPB You will land with new and new concepts Offers This fall. Gonzo would be at the heart of one of those.

Gonzo He will continue – like Jean-Charles Lagoy in this regard – in his association with TVA Sports.

I joined Stéphane Gonzalez and Guillaume Latendresse earlier today, but neither of them wanted to comment publicly on this information.

Back to 91.9 Sports…

According to the data I currently have, Gilbert Delorme can be entrusted with emitting (not network) mid morning, (with Genevieve Langlois?) while Georges Laraki will remain at the helm of the show at lunch. The identity of his co-host has not been revealed.

a show Bridging between midday and back can be entrusted to someone currently at home. Maxime van Hout? LP Guy? Rav Doucet?

However, the rumor sends LP Guy the weekend

91.9 Sports will continue to broadcast several events, including CF Montreal and Laval Rocket matches.

My calls to Yves Bombardier, director of programming at 91.9 Sports, went unanswered.