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Etienne Boulay is forced to set the record straight after false news spreads about him

Etienne Boulay is forced to set the record straight after false news spreads about him

Etienne Boulay considered it important to clarify the news that had been circulated about him in the past hours.

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The host took to his Instagram account to address the situation in which his name found itself somewhat out of favor.

First to understand, it is necessary to clarify that on Monday, four professional unions in Quebec (pharmacists, nurses, doctors and nutritionists) issued a joint opinion on the direction of intravenous vitamin therapy. They are interested in seeing the growth of this practice that does more harm than good to people's health without diagnosis. They expressed concern that the practice is becoming increasingly popular on social media, where influencers and public figures advertise it.

What connects Etienne Boulay to this story is that, as the radio host explains in his video, many have falsely cited him as the spokesperson for a clinic offering this service on the Riviera north of Montreal.

However, he does not deny being an agent, and states that this is a practice that was encouraged when he was playing football in the United States. He insisted on the fact that he was not asking people to do (or not) the same, but was simply happy to know that a place in Quebec offered this kind of service.

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And remember, as many point out, this is one of the rare times when four professional ranks come together to issue a joint opinion on a growing trend.

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