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Republicans are at a crossroads

Republicans are at a crossroads

Since the November 2020 elections and even more since the attack on Capitol Hill on January 6, the predominant divisions within the Republican Party have regularly made headlines. Not long ago, about 100 members of the political party spoke of splitting and forming a new party.

To these loud voices denouncing Donald Trump’s control, we must now add the voice of former House Speaker Paul Ryan. The 2012 Vice Presidential candidate representing a constituency in Wisconsin has long been seen as a supporter of more right-wing options within the Republican Party.

Since the inception of candidate Trump in 2016, Ryan had serious reservations about the value of his candidacy, believing that the reality star was not ready to take on the heavy responsibilities of the presidency. After that, he would intervene regularly to correct or adjust the president’s statements.

Like her relationship with 45e The President was a boisterous one, and it should come as no surprise what Ryan said yesterday during his speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library without mentioning the name of Joe Biden’s predecessor, he insisted on the importance of preserving the highest principles of the Conservatives.

Like many other Republicans, Ryan was horrified by the photos of the attack on Capitol Hill and angry at the disinformation campaign aimed at discrediting the recent election results. He did not hesitate to denounce the sad scene of elected officials who paraded in Maralago to obtain support for Donald Trump, in defiance of their dignity and integrity.

Even if Trump’s name was not mentioned, there was nothing wrong with his intentions when he said: “If the conservative issue is based on the populist appeal of one personality, or on second-order imitation, we are not going anywhere.” The conservative reason is not just about attracting a populist figure, it is a dead end.

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If you still doubt that he condemns another approach and style of a Republican president, I should add this: “Do not call a woman a” horse-face. ” He told journalist Tim Alberta, Referring to One of the many insults Mr. Trump May throw. Do not cheat on your wife. Do not cheat on anything. Be a good person. Be a good example. And support other institutions that do the same. You know? A good person and set a good example.

So the clash between the Republican factions is getting more intense, but I have noticed that it is somewhat expected that the most fervent opponents of Donald Trump will be the Republicans who have withdrawn from active politics. It seems clear that those whose seat is in jeopardy in the 2022 election are betting on not detracting from Trump Umerta. Ryan makes the same remark convinced that his political formation is at a crossroads.