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The world in pictures | Journalism

Here is a selection of the best images from international news from Monday 13 May

Photo by Emmanuel Dunand, AFP

Activists from the French animal rights association L214 demonstrated in front of the Rungis municipal building south of Paris to denounce the breeding practices of ready-meal company Marie. To get their message across, the activists wore chicken masks.

photo t. Satish Babu, Agence France-Presse

Voters line up at a polling station during the fourth phase of India's general elections in Tirupati district of Andhra Pradesh state. Elections continue until 1any June.

Photography by Amanda Berobelli/Reuters

Aerial view of a flooded street in El Dorado do Sul, Brazil. The south of the country remained on alert Monday after new flooding caused by torrential rains over the weekend, prolonging the “endless drama” caused by historic floods that left at least 147 people dead in the region.

Photography by Felipe Amorim, AFP

About 200,000 pilgrims gathered on Monday, according to church estimates, in the spacious square of the Catholic Shrine of Fatima in central Portugal, to participate in the celebrations of the first annual pilgrimage.

Photography by Azzam Rasgla, Agence France-Presse

Ibo volcano erupted again on Monday, sending a huge column of ash into the sky, after Indonesian authorities raised the alert level to its highest level before last week's red alert.

Photography by Adnan Obaidi – Reuters

Large crowds of worshipers gathered in Varanasi, the spiritual capital of Hinduism, to show their support for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (centre), who was campaigning there on Monday for legislative elections.

Photography by Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters

Unusual outing for French president: Emmanuel Macron visited McCain's French fries factory in Matuges, France. The Canadian company specializing in frozen potatoes announced its desire to invest more than 350 million euros to modernize and increase the capacity of its three locations in France, which earned it a presidential visit.

Photography by Johnny Criswanto, AFP

A fisherman returns to shore amidst garbage on Pangkalan Beach, Madura Island, Indonesia. The archipelago is one of the countries that releases the most plastic waste and other marine debris.

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