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Stealing the dog: She clings to the windshield of the car to save her companion

Stealing the dog: She clings to the windshield of the car to save her companion

When her dog was kidnapped, a woman, without hesitation, jumped on the thief's car as it sped through downtown Los Angeles.

Ali Zakaria's hell began while she was having dinner in downtown Los Angeles with her French bulldog, Onyx. A woman allegedly picked up the dog from under the table and left with it. Ms Zakaria said at first she thought it was a misunderstanding Los Angeles Times.

The dog thief got into a car where three other people were waiting. Mrs. Zakaria tried to follow her, but the car's passengers pushed her back and closed the door.

Then she threw herself on the windshield of the car. “I'm not going to leave this car. I held on to the windshield wipers thinking they wouldn't drive if I was in the car,” the 44-year-old said.

Subsequent events proved him wrong. She desperately clung to the hood of the car, which was traveling at 65 km/h. Finally, it was thrown to the ground due to sudden maneuvers by the fleeing car driver.

The entire incident was captured on video by witness Harrison Pacey, whose footage went viral on social media.

He explained that French bulldogs have become targets for theft in the United States because the high demand for them increases their cost, making them attractive to criminals. Los Angeles Times. This incident is reminiscent of other high-profile cases, including the theft of Lady Gaga's French bulldog in 2021.

Law enforcement is investigating the dog theft, but Zakaria hopes the media attention generated by the video will help solve the case.

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