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A legal setback for Disney in its battle against the governor of Florida

A legal setback for Disney in its battle against the governor of Florida

Entertainment giant Disney suffered a setback on Wednesday after a US federal judge dismissed its complaint against Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, in the latest development in their legal battle.

The company, which Mr. DeSantis considered too progressive, filed those lawsuits last year, accusing the conservative governor of leading a campaign of “targeted retaliation” against the group.

This complaint responded to Ron DeSantis removing the special status of Disney World theme parks in his state, which resulted in administrative easing, self-management of the site, soft loans, etc.

Judge Allen Winsor dismissed the lawsuit on Wednesday, ruling that Disney lacked legal “standing” to sue the governor.

Disney immediately announced its desire to appeal the decision, stressing that it is “an important matter and has serious implications for the rule of law.”

“If not combated, it will create a dangerous precedent and allow states to use their official powers to punish the expression of political views with which they do not agree,” the group responded in a press release sent to AFP.

The entertainment giant, the region's main employer, and Ron DeSantis, a figurehead of the American far-right, have been locked in a legal battle since Disney denounced in 2022 a draft law restricting the teaching of subjects related to sexual orientation and gender identity. In primary schools.

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