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Essential oils for treating dogs and cats?

Essential oils for treating dogs and cats?

Can lavender essential oil ease your dog’s anxiety, or oregano oil treat your cat’s infection? Promoters of essential oils are not limited to humans. What do we know about their use in pets?

Essential oil manufacturers and pet care companies have long claimed that essential oils can be used to relieve certain health problems in pets.

We therefore attribute several properties to these products: anti-infective, anti-parasitic, analgesic, anti-rheumatic, anti-inflammatory, etc.

However, very few of these claims have been tested by scientists. Some uses are slightly better documented, but the number of studies is still limited. In addition, the samples studied are usually small, between 5 and 60 animals per study.

Treating microbial infections?

In 2020, Italian researchers I posted A review of studies in veterinary medicine on the use of essential oils to treat bacterial and fungal infections. According to their analysis, the antimicrobial activity of some essential oils has already been proven, but mainly through experiments conducted in test tubes (in the laboratory).

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