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A very deadly flu pandemic this year?

A very deadly flu pandemic this year?

Many experts fear that the flu season will be even more deadly and deadly this year.

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“All experts are unanimous on this point. There will be more patients this year than in previous years,” says Dr. Pierre Harvey, an infectious disease specialist and microbiologist, in an interview with TVA Nouvelle.

The immune system of the population has been weakened by the health measures that have been put in place to fight COVID in the past three years.

Influenza is a very aggressive virus. […] And to defend yourself, you need an immune system that is up to date. For two or three years, he left his guards, and so there may not be everyone, but out of 8 million people, there will be many who will get sick and very sick, says the doctor.

Like COVID-19, the flu will be “Russian roulette,” which means some people will get very sick from contracting the virus, while others will get seriously sick.

So it’s hard to predict how many people could die from it, but it’s clear that the more sick, the higher the risk.

To prevent those most at risk, especially young children, who have never or little exposure to the flu virus, and the elderly, from getting severely ill, Dr. Harvey recommends a flu vaccination.

Watch the full interview in the video above.