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La Zara shows off his middle finger at Eurovision

La Zara shows off his middle finger at Eurovision

Quebec La Zara, who represented France at the Eurovision Song Contest, explained that the middle finger she gave after the results were announced was by no means a gesture of “contempt”, but rather the opposite.

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“The gesture I made in the green room that everyone embraces on social media is not at all a disdain or an insult. It is by no means a middle finger. It is a gesture of disappointment on my part which means ‘whatever’ can be translated as ‘so be it.’ No. “No desire to shock or provoke,” La Zara explained in an Instagram story after his appearance at Eurovision.

La Zara shows off his middle finger at Eurovision

Photo from Instagram / La Zarra

The singer, who finished 16th in the final, also apologized: “I apologize if this was misinterpreted.”

In an interview with the French channel BFM, she explained that she has a double culture (she is of Moroccan descent) and that this gesture was not negative. “It’s just a gesture of disappointment that we use between friends,” she said.

Remember, after the results were announced on Saturday, La Zara responded by raising his hand and showing his middle finger to the camera and millions of spectators. This gesture sparked many reactions on social networks, with some netizens believing that the gesture was “borderline”, while others accused the singer of “not playing too much”.

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