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Paul McCartney joins the billionaires club

Paul McCartney joins the billionaires club

(London) Former Beatle Paul McCartney has entered the billionaires club, becoming the first British musician to amass such wealth, according to the annual rankings of… The Sunday Times Which confirms the downward trend in the number of billionaires in the United Kingdom.

According to this ranking of the country's 350 greatest wealth, which was revealed on Friday, Paul McCartney, 82, rose to 165.H The place, and reaping the fruits of his numerous concerts and royalties.

This year he also received a little help from American singer Beyoncé, who covered the song on her latest album blackbird From the Beatles.

In total, according to List of rich people ” the The Sunday TimesThe total number of billionaires in the United Kingdom is 165 billionaires, that is, six billionaires less than last year, and 12 billionaires less than the record number reached in 2022, which amounted to 177 billionaires, which prompted the newspaper to point out that “it appears that… […] The world's wealthy began to leave the country.

Among the reasons mentioned by the newspaper are the level of taxes that have risen in recent years or the loss of the luster of the London Stock Exchange, which attracts less capital.

The combined wealth of the country's 350 richest people also fell slightly, from £796.5 billion to £795.3 billion, due to rising interest rates, inflation and a slowing economy.

The Gopi Hinduja family, owner of a group of companies in the field of finance, energy and technology, is still at the top of the ranking, with a fortune estimated at 37 billion pounds sterling.

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She is ahead of Leonard Blavatnik, who has 29.2 billion pounds, who controls the Warner Music Group or the music platform Deezer, who occupies second place, ahead of businessmen Simon and David Rubin (24.9 billion).

Former Prime Minister and investment banker Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata Murty, heiress to the founder of Indian technology giant Infosys, are ranked 245th.H A place with a fortune of 651 million pounds sterling.

King Charles III is not far behind, at 258 years oldH The place is worth 610 million pounds The Sunday Times Explaining that he made a careful assessment of the king's wealth, excluding in particular the assets he owned as king such as the Duchy of Lancaster or the crown estate.

New entrants to the rankings include Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton and former Prime Minister Tony Blair's son, Euan Blair, co-founder of Multiverse, a technology company that advances corporate learning.