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When even teachers buy peace with candy and screens!

When even teachers buy peace with candy and screens!

We'll call him MI C.

All the kids at this Montreal elementary school dream of being in sixth grade.

After she returned from the 22-day strike, they promised “to cooperate so that she does not go on sick leave.”

There is no time to waste in class. The fall semester is spent on Intensive English, so you have to cover all the other subjects in 5 months.

But this does not prevent him from giving his students every Friday afternoon off.

Buy peace

Welcome to “Candy Screen Fridays”!

Every Friday, M studentsI J. can bring candy or other junk and enjoy a screen-free afternoon.

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Video games, YouTube, etc. Students in heaven, we must believe that our Lady has holy peace.

Faced with questions from parents, she replied that she was trying to give up the ballast so that the children could finish the year happily.

“They are working hard to make back the time lost during the strike.”

As one of these parents told me, “Our number one struggle at this age is screens and candy, and now it's back to school again!”

At most, MI J. ended up agreeing that the dessert was probably too much.


Friday prizes are nothing new.

There was a time when students took a very long break and went for a walk in the park.

But no, not in M's class.I C.

In this world, where governments question the ubiquitous place of screens in young people's lives, and where parents tear out their hair to get them to drop out of school, she saw that her students deserved the freedom that their parents did not grant them without consent.

The impact of screens on young people's neurocognitive development is making headlines, but she concludes that an extra two hours won't turn the tide.

We regret the children's sedentary lifestyle, and its impact on their health and education, but she thought it was a good idea to use two hours of free time a week to allow them to sit in class.

And the strike?? You have to believe that all his students are geniuses, and that, unlike others, they have nothing to catch up on.


What does the administration say? It's hard to imagine that she didn't know.

Do you dare, in light of the current climate, to intervene and confront the union protest against undermining “professional independence”?

You see, parents are afraid to change things too much.

That's why they asked me not to mention the name of the school and teacher.

MI J. is a good teacher and with 6 weeks left until the end of the year, this is not the time to alienate her. Even less for jeopardizing his son's academic success.

I can't wait for the youth wings of CAQ and PQ to demand better supervision of screens in school!